Saturday, July 2, 2011

For Your Entertainment

By Soraya

I know for a fact that this summer, you'll be caught in a moment where your in dire need of a great read, new music, or a TV show to get hooked on.  Here are a few picks to relieve those quieter moments- whether it be in the comfort of your air conditioned room or baking in all the glory of the sun, poolside.  

Must-Read: Classy by Derek Blasberg
This book should be a required piece for all young ladies to read this summer.  It's a very witty book loaded with quotes from every classy girl's idols and advice from a very knowledgeable well known magazine editor and fashion journalist.  As a socialite, he's met more big-name ladies than we can count.  With a look into the lives of these seemingly perfect women, he's been able to define the true meaning of classy.  It's a refresher for many of us who occasionally cross the fine line to trashy (admit it, we've all made the mistake).  From pointers on dressing cleanly and fashionably to a chart finally explaining the difference between the salad fork and shrimp fork, you'll finish this read a classier woman.

Must-Download: Replicants by MillionYoung
This album released early this year is great for fans of Small Black & Wild Nothing (of which I am).  The electronic indie-pop beats are soothing and make you feel like your almost floating in a world of bliss- seriously.  It's instrumental for the most part, but I can assure that you won't be complaining about the lack of lyrics.  

Must-Watch: Teen Wolf on MTV
Yes, I give you permission to rag on me for loving this seemingly cheesy remake of this 80's hit- but you should really give it a shot.  I'll admit, some of the makeup and fight sequences are a bit much, but MTV makes up for it in so many other aspects.  First of all, it's not a reality show which is a huge plus given the heap of trashy reality TV this channel is infamous for serving up (I'm talking to you, Jersey Shore, 16 & Pregnant, and The Challenge).  The cast for this show is stellar, boasting both new talent and excruciatingly good looks.  If your not into the jokes or drama the show has to offer, at least give them credit for the amazing music they feature on the show- I've been able to find at least thirty songs from the series to add to my hit-filled summer playlist.  

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