Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Flower Child

By Soraya
Gilly Hicks dress, vintage Ralph Lauren Black Label belt
I've probably mentioned numerous times how floral dresses are my favorite spring into summer pieces; It's just hard to go wrong with this timeless look!  (Unless you turn to dark colors in granny cuts)  When looking for floral dresses, keep in mind the cut- it's extremely important for the dress to flatter your figure.  Personally, I like looser fitting dresses that are cinched at the waist.  I like belting my dress to give it a little more of an edge.  Because I'm petite this also gives the illusion of more curves. 

Also keep in mind that you want something unique!  If you buy a floral dress from the front display rack of Nordstrom, it's highly likely that you'll find about five other girls at your school wearing the same dress at some point.  Try shopping at boutiques or stores that sell only a limited number of each piece. I love shopping on trips because there are tons of stores you won't be able to find where you live.  Don't be afraid to hand over a little more money for this type of piece- it's classic and you'll be able to wear it forever. 

My favorite floral dress is from Gilly Hicks.  Though it's common for most, there surprisingly isn't one where I live; it caught my eye when I was making one of my annual trips to Los Angeles.  I have people come up to me and asking where I got it all the time- it gives me the greatest feeling ever.  To personalize this piece I wear a paper-thin skirt underneath to serve as a slip, given the dresses short length.

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