Friday, April 29, 2011

The Gould(ing) Standard

By Soraya


Prince William and Princess Catherine have finally tied the knot!  I was so blown away by Kate's Sarah Burton wedding gown when I took a peek at the television this morning.  It was the perfect mix of classic and current.  What made me even more estatic was realizing that the very talented Miss Ellie Goulding was going to be singing the royal couple's wedding song, Elton John's "Your Song".  

In case you aren't familiar with this British songstress, she is most well known for her hit "Lights".  A few months ago, I learned some contemporary choreography for this song in my dance class and instantly fell in love with it.  The electronic beats infused with her sweet sounding voice created absolute perfection.  Her album  Lights was released in the United States in March.  Lights is a masterpiece and the royal couple have made an excellent decision by picking Goulding to provide the music for their first dance.  Keep your ears peeled for her because Ellie Goulding isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

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