Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Gray Area

By Soraya

H&M top, Lily White shorts, vintage bracelets, Coach gladiator sandals (circa 2009)

This season, there are a wide variety of color pallets to choose from, ranging from white on white to statement-making brights (no rhyme intended).  However, I chose to go for the muted neutral color pallet.

I wore this outfit on Monday as an attempt to look put together yet comfortable with a kick.  The tanktop I wore was extremely soft and my shorts were loose-fitting yet flattering.  Since I chose a subdued look, I decided to shake things up with a pair of edgy gladiator sandals that I've owned for a while.  The leather on them is still buttery soft and they're definitely one of my favorite pairs of shoes.  I constantly recieve compliments on this particular shoe and wanted to make them the highlight of the outfit. 

Nail Color: True Ab-Original by OPI
(My absolute favorite nailcolor; a darker bolder shade of coral)

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