Friday, June 24, 2011

Jack Peñate

By Soraya


Another Englishman, Jack Peñate is a sensational artist.  A couple of years ago, I discovered an XX remix of his song "Pull My Heart Away".  I thought the new spin on the track was good, involving a lot of bass, but I didn't bother digging any deeper into the rest of his album, Everything Is New.  Because summer vacation has left me with some empty afternoons, I decided to watch the movie, Charlie St. Cloud- the ending credits featured an amazing song that sounded eerily familiar.  As I listened, I realized it was the original version of the song I found a couple of years back.

Peñate's Everything Is New is most definitely his magnum opus, though he's released  a few other albums beforehand.  His music falls in the indie pop genre but it incorporates a lot of soul.  If you really listen to his music, the lyrics are also very meaningful, unlike some of the music we hear today about going to the club and getting wasted.  The instruments we get a taste of in the album (released June of 2009) range from a synthesizer to trumpets, giving you a great deal of room in between to decide where you'd listen to it- however, I think it would be a great album for a low-key party on a boat or beach.  It's easy to dance to and even easier to fall in love with.  

Last week, I put "Pull My Heart Away" on the weekly playlist.  It's my definite favorite, but I didn't want to do repeats.  So here's another one of the album's gems, and the song that it's named for:

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