Thursday, June 2, 2011

Winning The Bronze

By Julia & Soraya

With Memorial Day marking the official beginning of summer, we thought that we should address more warm-weather makeup tips.  All our friends are in pursuit of the perfect tan- we should know since we spent over five hours working on it at the country club pool yesterday.  The two of us are fortunate enough to tan extremely quickly but for others, bronzer is a great way to achieve a great sun-kissed look.  Here's the proper way to apply bronzer:

1.  Pick a powder bronzer (it's the most natural looking).  You also want to use a round brush with soft bristles; make sure it's not too large.

2. Make sure that you don't cake the bronzer onto the brush.  You want a light layer on the parts of your face where the sun would hit when you're tanning- not just your cheeks.  (high parts of your forehead & the bridge of your nose would be included)

3. If you would like, you can dust the bronzer below your jawline, subtly applying on parts of your neck.  If you're wearing an updo, don't forget the nape.  Remember, the goal is to make it natural looking.  

4. The rest of the makeup you wear should be warm, golden, or peachy pink tones to create the illusion that your skin is glowing.

images via &, respectively. 
NARS Bronzing Powder
(We like the Irresistiblement shade)
Bare Minerals 'A Little Sun All-Over Face Color'


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