Thursday, June 16, 2011

Smart Shopping

By Soraya

(Clockwise from top left corner: Madewell utility zip pants, Madewell silk sleeve sweatshirt tee, Madewell pencil-stripe  racerback tank, Madewell shadows and light scarf, Sperry top-sider CVO sneakers, Madewell denim midi shorts)

If I told you that I got everything pictured above for a grand total of $160, would you believe me?  According to my receipts, that statement is 100% true.  On Tuesday, I treated myself to a shopping spree at the Domain, expecting to drain my checking account.  But when I got there, I was pleasantly surprised with a huge sale at one of my favorite stores in the entire world, Madewell.  Everything I bought was on sale.  

Utility zip pants+ sale & additional 25% off= $119  $22.49
Silk sleeve sweatshirt tee+ sale & additional 25% off= $55  $14.99
Pencil-stripe racerback tank+ sale & additional 25% off= $25  $7.49
Shadows and light scarf+ sale & additional 25% off=  $55  $14.99
Denim midi shorts+ sale= $65  $49.50

@ Nordstrom Rack:
Sperry top-sider CVO sneakers+ sale= $54.95  $40

I'm a huge believer in the quality of clothing so I'm all about spending the money I need in order to get that.  But I also believe that those prices shouldn't be way over my head.  So every time I shop, I literally always head back to the sale racks first.  I also try to buy classic pieces that won't go out of style.  If you're going for a very trendy piece, consider how many times you'll wear it and how long you think that the hype for it will last.  When you divide the price you bought something at by the number of times you'll actually wear it, you'll find out whether it's worth it or not.  And keep in mind that just because something's on sale, it doesn't mean that it's already out of season and out of style.  

When it comes to cashing out the big bucks, use it on something that you'll wear on a daily basis such as denim, shoes, a coat, belt, or nice purse.  The item will eventually end up paying for itself with the number of wears.  So buy those nice pair of Hudson jeans (you can find tons of beautiful designer labels at a discount at Nordstrom rack, no one will know the difference)!  You'll get your money's worth; you don't need as many jeans as tops afterall.  You can wear the jeans a million times without people noticing they're the same pair.  The top you wear with them will change the outfit, so take extra care in looking for tops on sale.

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