Monday, June 27, 2011

J'aime Sandro!

By Julia
Easy shirt and skirt in one. I love the colors together and this would be perfect for work.
Sandro is a French label I found in Galleries de Lafayette. Though it's great, I wouldn't recommend going to Galleries de Lafayette because it was such a crowded tourist trap. It just wasn't for me- I've never liked department stores. When I was walking home one night, I came across a Sandro store and couldn't resist going in. They were having a sale and I could've bought the whole store. If you ever go to France stop in there.  
Here are some of my favorite items from their collection:

The Navajo style is so cute when done just right. This is a great bag; I really want something like this.
The fit and detail of this shirt is flattering. I couldn't resist so I splurged on this perfect blouse.

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