Friday, June 17, 2011

Queen of The Hills

By Soraya


A few years ago, I was immediately hooked on to a reality show by the name of The Hills.  I'm sure you've seen at least one episode if not all.  It started out with two girls, Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag.  This same MTV driven path has taken them on two very different paths.  The girl I see as a role model and one of my biggest fashion inspirations today is Lauren.  She's a very real girl who hasn't let fame get to her head, unlike her former best friend.

Aside from becoming a reality TV megastar, she's made a name for herself in the fashion industry.  She has also become a very successful best-selling author.  She's written a series called L.A. Candy about girls who are given the opportunity to star in their own reality show... sound familiar?  Nevertheless, it's a very entertaining series of novels which will make great summer reads.  Too bad it's nothing compared to the actual drama I love watching on The Hills. Conrad has also written a style book- the one I call my Bible.  It sits on my night stand and I always turn to it for my wide variety of fashion and beauty questions.  


In the fashion world, Conrad has worked on three lines.  Her first, Lauren Conrad, failed to succeed.  Her second collection is available at Kohl's.  It's a very well designed price conscious line that's worth looking into.  This line generated a lot of buzz and has done very well.  Her latest collection, Paper Crown, has my mouth watering.  Yes, it's a high end line, but the pieces are absolutely beautiful.  

PC LB Cover Holiday 2011

We fell in love with her chic California girl wardrobe years ago.  Today, she's still rocking her skinny jeans, Chanel bags, and sky-high heels.  Lauren Conrad's come along way, but for some reason, I feel like her legacy has only just begun.

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